Mystery Blogger Award

Riddhima Penner from ‘A World of fantastic Poetry‘ was immensely kind in awarding ‘BadBookthief’ with the Mystery Blogger Award, created by Okoto Enigma. Head over to her space to acquaint with some well-written, soaking-with-sentiments, poetry.

Although, I gave up doing award posts long ago, I am tempted to do this one. Simply because, I wish for some blogs to receive well-deserved recognition. Also because Riddhima really does have some interesting questions for me to answer.

So here goes,

  1. Who’s your favorite author? What thing do you like the most about him or her?

I couldn’t name just one; that’d be terribly unfair. But writers such as Leo Tolstoy, Mikhail Bulgakov, Vikram Seth, Gulzar, Jhumpa Lahiri, are some of my best because they have greatly influenced my writing skills.

2. If you’re asked about any 3 wishes of yours, what would they be?

  • Two trees for every one person in the world.
  • Put a stop to the consumption of animals.
  • A Room of my own

3. What influenced the name of your blog?

Musings – the birth-ground for my writings

4. What genres of books do you like to read and why?

History, Mystery, Horror. Because they help me think differently

5. What would you do if you were given the unusual power for a day that would allow you to stop time?

Go globetrotting to meet all the dogs around the world.

The rules are:
1. Thank who nominated you, mention the award creator and list the rules.
2. Nominate them who think deserve the award and notify them.
3. Ask the nominees 5 questions of your choice; with one weird question.

I nominate these bloggers who have time and again inspired me:

My questions to you are just these really. You can feel free to skip if you’d rather not do it.

  1. When not writing, what captures your fancy?
  2. One favorite poem/blog that has stayed with you.
  3. What excites you on a hard day to look forward to the next day?

That’s all folks! Hoping you enjoy doing your bit. Waiting to read all the responses.


Asha Seth