Short Story Books You Shouldn’t Miss Reading!

Reading novels is an addiction. But reading short stories is an obsession!

Knitted tightly in a handful of pages, they hold within themselves an inexplicable enigma of wonders; worlds that even mammoth novels fail to behold. The more short stories you devour, the more unceasing an appetite you develop. No? Is it just me?

Stephen King said, a short story is like a quick kiss in the dark from a stranger. Maybe yes, maybe no. I am foreign to that feeling, besides I find the idea positively creepy. Now although, I love King; he tops the list of my favorite authors, but there are times I don’t quite agree with him. A kiss in the dark is like what? Done and gone? The feeling worn out within seconds? Short-stories, on the contrary, leave a deeper, a rather greater impact, one that doesn’t leave you for a wonderfully long time.

I like how short stories are less demanding in terms of my time but pleasingly overbearing when it comes to the concentration.The best part yet about short-stories is that I can begin wherever. I am the kind of a reader who doesn’t much like to follow a sequence; which novels necessitate. With a collection of short stories, I can enjoy that freedom. I love to pick random stories and commence reading which may not particularly be in the sequence they’re written. Yeah, call me weird!

2017 was a year of short stories. I was fortunate enough to hit some fabulously satisfying collections that were until now hidden from my gaze, away from my grasp. One of these books – China Girl – was a debut launch that I read and reviewed on request. Some of my favorite short story writers are Gulzar, Jhumpa Lahiri, Sir Doyle, Allan Poe, King. I never tire upon reading their works and as soon as I finish one I am hankering for next. Here’s the list I managed reading last year:

I have shared the links for you to learn more about my experience about these books or simply, more about the books. The tedious task that remains though is reviewing the books. Soon enough that shall be accomplished too. I have a good many titles trotting up the list for this year. Some of which are:

  • Uncommon Type by Tom Hanks

  • Gooseberries by Anton Chekov

  • Harables by Haidji

  • The Love of a Good Woman by Alice Munro

  • Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman

  • The Lottery and Other Stories by Shirley Jackson

  • Nine Stories by J D Salinger, etc.

Short stories delight me to no end; guess I can never say that enough and always leave me asking for more. For me, that feeling is the best feeling in the world. Somehow, I have always felt that with short stories you get a better, insightful peek into the writer’s mind than full-blown novels. What do you think?

As for you, dear reader, what is your choice – novels or short stories? What are some of the best short stories you have read? Who is your favorite short story writer?  I am asking around for recommendations so that I don’t miss the best of them. Now, these indeed are too many questions, but my, oh my! For the love of short stories, do share some titles below. 🙂


Asha Seth