Writing Inspiration #14

Whoever said writing is easy! It’s child’s play, eh? And yet the greatest writers in history agree that the blank page has almost always got the good of them. Writing isn’t a piece of cake; especially not when you write about things that had rather never happened to you.

A bad memory is like a bad egg. The egg is out the window but the stench from it lingers. And when you get down to writing about it, is when the real trouble begins. Almost always, you never really write it the way it happened. Either the egg takes precedence in the story, or its smell, or the way it cracked in your hands, or how gross you felt when the muck smeared your fingers; all this, not necessarily in the same order.

I guess, what I am trying to say is this:


Does it make sense? Do you agree? Or are you one of those who can get down to writing anything like they would on a nice warm day by the beach?

Tell it all, reader. I’d love to know.

Happy writing, till we meet next.

Until then, carpe diem! 🙂

Asha Seth