A Brief Hiatus


This is only for those who really care to read about the author’s unplanned break from blogging.


Dear reader,

I have been away, for quite some time. Yes, I should have left you a note, like a quick post it or something, letting you know that I won’t be around. And trust me, I would’ve, if I’d seen this coming. But truly, I hadn’t known. All I knew was I couldn’t write. And I had to get away. PERIOD.

So, then what does a writer do? I don’t think it was writer’s block. But I did suffer a spell of sorts for more than two weeks. And I wish you were around to hold my hand and drag me out of it, but alas! I know you didn’t know so, it’s all right. Although, I didn’t write much, I did a bit of a planning and finally, I have wheels for my Hindi poetry now rolling.

Hindi being my native language, I have always had a special place for it in my heart. I wrote few poems and a few short stories in the tongue back in school and that was that. This however, had been on my mind for years. The hiatus thus, proved useful in getting work done toward this year’s resolution and I got my pen to word down a few. I shall have the first one published soon but I am not sure about the translation yet. If all goes as planned, I shall be the happiest person.

That is as far as writing goes. I have been under the weather for most of this period. But the exciting part for April still remains my swimming classes. I haven’t found anything so refreshing in a very long time and the up side also being I finally have my resolution spill-over (for 5 years) tackled. Yeah, I am doubly happy.

Tell me about you, dear reader. What’s happening? What have you been writing about? Or musing about? I have so missed you and will soon be over at yours catching up with your blogs. For now, that’s all. I shall be around often and do let me know what you think of my Hindi Poetry.