Writing Inspiration #18

We grew up reading Agatha Christie. Some of her tales have been etched in our memories like they were things that happened yesterday. She was damn good and there’s not a freckle of doubt about it.

Looking back, thinking of all her books I’ve read, one thing that stands out in my memory is the simplicity. When I started writing, I tried to imbibe this. The way she built characters, simple but strong. Scene after scene, the tension would only want one to keep reading the book faster and never put down. I never tired of her books and many school summers were witness to this.

As a writer, I have learnt a lot from the ‘Queen of Mystery’ and here’s a quote that you could use too.


Which of the Christie books are your favorites? Do share the titles, I’d love to read them. If you ask me, my favorite Agatha Christie novel is ‘And Then There Were None’.

Enjoy a happy week, dear reader!


Asha Seth