Not all’s lost…

the day rolls on

without so much

as sparing a thought

coaxing me on

forcing sighs

suffocated, precipitated

from battles

hard fought

yet lost

the minutes

curious as a kid

refuse to take a no

drag me out

of my agitated reveries

take my hand

pull me out the door

the burning sun

melts down my


the skin peels off

its apprehensions


yeah, I can see the day laugh

watch me striped naked

of my distress

eyes that avoided

the faintest slivers of light

look up at the sun

in its face

why? they water down

in its wake

like a faucet

untouched and abandoned

for ages

slow then pursuing the flow

wishful steps lead me on

as happy breezes

caress my infant frame

notorious kid

the heart

squirms to escape

and explore

what’s around

the new corner


my fingers

won’t let go

of the leash,

not yet


Asha Seth