The Road Never Taken…

It’s a Monday like no other Monday. I am traveling to work, on the same train, through the same route, but why does it all seem different? Are all these the same people who travel with me everyday? Or are these new faces? Why do I have like a hundred eyes following me wherever I go? Or is it all just in my head?

I pause a little too long in between steps. Because my thoughts keep tracing back to you, to wherever in the world you are. I shake my dear head to clear it off your thoughts and look ahead, for what lies ahead. Bumpers in my walks, are the last things I want. I dodge some and expect some more. You were like that bumper, that hit me when I least expected, and when I fell, it moved the ground from beneath my feet. I literally did hit rock bottom.

But falling is no more to be done. It is not a choice, nor an option. I turn to the road I’ve never taken. I feel lost for a while, but I know I’ll be fine. I keep walking.



Asha Seth