Time really does fly. Six years is a long time and a short one yet, if you know what I mean. Looking back, there are hundreds of memories and few amazing friends I made along the way and there isn’t one thing I would want to change about my experience. Except, I miss all those bloggers who I had started with and aren’t around anymore.

Raising a blog, I’ve realised, is nothing short of raising a baby. If anything, it all takes more love and patience. But here we are! The hard work has all paid off, rich and rewarding. Where do I go from here, I hardly have a clue. Guess, only time will tell. Oh, man, am I happy?!

And which is why, here is a little something interesting for all my readers. I am giving away free books. Yes, you heard it right! YA, Fantasy, Fiction, and lots more. 15 books and a book a person is what I promise. A return gift for all the love you have showered all these years. Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Pick one of your favorite TMQ posts and reblog.
  2. Share on social media, if you please.
  3. Mention one reason why you love/follow TMQ
  4. Tag me (my profile handles, I’ve shared below).

Feel free to start from the beginning of time or wherever. No stress.

Once you’re done, leave me a message in the comment section below. Don’t forget to leave your email address. I shall share more details in an email post the activity.

Only first 15 readers qualify for the free books so you really have to hurry. You have but until the 31st of July to share your favorite picks; post which I plan to get the second wheel rolling which is the most exciting bit yet – sending the books. 🙂

My social handles: Twitter: badbookthief | Instagram: badbookthief| Facebook: badbookthief

Excited much? I sure am. Looking forward to meeting with your favorite pieces.

Asha Seth