Writing Inspiration #24

Happy Monday, readers. It is two months already that dad left me alone in the abyss of this world. It seems like years and at the same time no time at all. Funny how it feels!

I am trying to drag myself up the lowest rungs of life right now. Writing is the rope I’m clinging on to. It doesn’t help me do away with the pain, but acts as the anti-depressant that numbs the mind for a while, intermittently. And trust me, it feels a hell of a lot better. At least, the suicidal thoughts are away.

Moving on!

I always asked myself – What makes you a better writer? I even noted my raging thoughts by writing this post. But I never found an answer. I never got any. Only gradually, it revealed itself to me. I had to learn it.

All good writing comes from relentless reading – so I have always believed. You may or may not agree but I’ve always experienced that the more I read, the more my perspectives of people, places, and circumstances, fall into place, and the mind opens up to greater possibilities.

I feel therefore, that for a writer, there truly is no good fodder for thought than reading. That and only that is the true magic that works when one is lost in the tides of life. I could shout that from the top of a mountain, but I prefer sharing this quote instead.


What do you think? Is there any teacher better than reading? What other ways that make you a better writer? Let the thoughts flow. Share them below.

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Happy writing till we meet next.

Until then, carpe diem! 🙂


© Asha Seth

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