The Shooting Star – A Short Story

Once upon a time, somewhere in the vast open sky, an assembly was summoned. The biggest and brightest of stars took the senior positions in the assembly. Then the smaller stars took to lower rungs and the meeting commenced.

Speculation was rife that the moon; who had conveniently chosen to stay away from the meeting under the pretence of PreWaxing Syndrome (PWS), had yet again committed adultery with one of the younger stars, the night before.

The young star was called afore the assembly and asked if she had sauntered off with the moon on new moon day. She nodded. She was asked if she knew what she was doing to which she said yes. Then she was asked if, on new moon day, the moon had taken advantage of her or forced her? She shook her head. The crowd of stars gasped with horror at such impudent confession. Some others who harbored a secret lifelong crush for the moon paled with jealousy.

“Why, she doesn’t even shine that great? Why, surely she must’ve have lured him into it, that insolent tramp?” They thought. But most importantly they wondered why it was that the moon chose her as the object of his affections when they were the stronger contenders.

Then the brightest and oldest of the stars called out amidst the commotion. “Surely, you know the punishment for such an offense?” she asked the young star. At that, the young star paled some more and her light diminished some more.

“Shoot her down the Moon Door!” demanded the angry crowd. “Yes, shoot her, shoot her!” The little star trembled at the outburst.

The senior-most star, who until now had adored the young little star, went weak in the knees. She had raised her from a baby only to be witness to this day, to banish her to hell. But law was law. It had to be done.

She came forward and began, “The convicted has confessed to the crime before the court of law and stands deserving of its consequences,” she paused. “Eternal Exile!” she exhaled and walked away. The judgement was passed, the assembly concluded.

The guard stars pulled a lid off the ground which opened into the vast black sky. The young star came forward. She whispered, “I will always love you, my darling moon.” And out she jumped.

* * * * *

Some 8700 miles below, a small girl looking out the window saw the shooting star and jumped in excitement. Only the wish upon a falling star could get her that red bike her parents refused her.

* * * * *

For thousands of years, many stars have fallen for the moon’s mesmerizing beauty and committed the inexcusable crime condemned by veteran stars in the sky. The punishment for which is only one – banishment. These shooting stars bear upon their heart undying love for the moon and embrace exile, while the moon saunters on. That, dear reader, is how shooting or falling stars came into being.


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