Blank Stares

when he looked at me

it felt as though 

he was trying

to solve a mystery

in the beginning,

I wanted more

much more than

them blank stares

they didn’t make sense

why wouldn’t he say

why not even try

steal glances, he did

but in the moment that our gazes met

I swear, I could see right through him

and I wanted that

for him to look right inside

unhindered by this covering

dissect my heart

for then he’d know

he was all that was there

It would never suffice

my heart knew

those blank stares 

told such tales

and I

I wanted to be a part of them

of him

but then he chose to 

close that door

those stares

reduced to rejection

I could hardly bear

once they promised love

and then into nothingness

they declined


Asha Seth