The Morning after Christmas: A Poem by Asha Seth

The lights on the tree

shone yellow and bright

and smiled cheerfully

as the parents hid the

Xmas gifts with secret strides


The night before

the children were exuberant

after all, it was time for wishes

laid upon the heart of

Santaโ€™s pride


Chloe and Bryan

slept how peacefully

knowing Santa

riding around the town and lo!

will soon land upon their steps

down the chimney

singing Ho! Ho! Ho!


They cheered high

jumping down their beds

looking for a lost sock

never made to their heads

they knew it was time

for getting late was not their kind


Mom and dad

were still asleep

so was the sun

and the excited city

together they paddled

chirped and galloped

to the waiting presents

under the big Xmas tree


Soon the morning sun

would steal their night

but the glorious streaks of dawn

helped them make out

which said โ€˜Dear Chloeโ€™

which was addressed to Bryan.


To hearts full of innocent fantasies

To eyes blind to worldly realities

Christmas forever meant

decorating trees, lawns, and sills

berry tarts and plum pies


Gifts unwrapped with sheer rush

sweets devoured with glee

there won’t be another morningย 

a sunrise with shower of gifts

and the morning after Christmasย 

was loved better

than any other day of the yearย 


Asha Seth