7 Lessons from 7 Years of Blogging

The past year has been one of many trials. Personal losses of such magnitudes it could make oceans weep. And yet here I am. Despite everything, looking back at the year gone and wondering what is it about life that enchants writers, poets, sorcerers, artists, and all other souls, with such adored fervour. Will I ever know?

I’ve been away for most bit, this year. Vague attempts at deciphering that what may never exists. Well, because life keeps happening while you are busy witnessing things sitting at the back of the wagon. Like when some mystery unfolds, like when some spectacle unveils. But I haven’t forgotten all the lovely people here.

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This day today marks the end of seven years here, as someone trying to turn the tide of life, in words, in pictures, through musings, dipped in melancholy, dripping of raptures. I share some brilliant lessons from the year gone. So yes, here I am, sprinkling my thoughts around, hoping some musing mind would capture it, and carve a haven out of them, for themselves.

Lesson #1 Not all things are under your control.

Lesson #2 Don’t cry for what’s gone

Lesson #3 The river is never dry forever.

Lesson #4 Come rain, come sun, everything happens for a reason

Lesson #5 Never forget those who stood by you in your times of despair

Lesson #6 Tell often what you feel, and just how

Lesson #7 Find what you love and let it kill you

That’s all guys. I’ll perhaps do a proper post some time soon. I know I am late on a lot of promises, but I shall tend to them soon too.

Lastly, I want to thank all of your guys, for your continuous love and support. These last seven years wouldn’t have been the same without you.

Just wanted to let you know that in the span of a year, I also launched my Youtube channel https://youtu.be/BBSSNvHueqM Do visit and subscribe, if you are into those kinda things.

I have some exciting news to share on account of the blog anniversary. Do watch this space.

And yes, write to me!

Asha Seth