5 Mistakes Writers Tend to Make

Life would be so much easier if we had a rule book to follow. In life, however, in many cases, we do know what must or must not be done to avoid a particular outcome. Sadly, one can’t say the same for writing. One must learn from experience and guard those gems well that make you shine out in the process.

Then I ask, what are these things that one must avoid? In these 7 years of blogging, I have taken chances with a lot of things – some worked, some didn’t. So let’s look at a few good-to-follow things for all those writers who ask themselves  – Is this right?

1. Stop imitating

The first thing that writing teaches you is to be you. And every writer must respect that. Trying to be someone else is being unfair to your talent, your voice. Find your own style and hang in there, because it may take a while to work but it’s worth it. Your readers will love you more for being who you are than a pseudo Poe or Dickens!

Be original. Be you.

2. Stop trying too hard 

Readers will find you and continue to come back, if you’ve won their trust. But trying too hard to please them is like the extra icing on the cake – it does nothing. Speak truly and totally, quantifiably, from your heart. Write only what makes you happy. Sooner than later, readers will find it boring, even see through the cracks that you’re just another writer seeking attention.

Write to please yourself; rest of the world will follow.

3. Stop writing what everyone else is writing

How many times do we cringe upon coming across articles replicated word to word? Why would you want that? Your hard work deserves the appreciation. But that cannot come at the cost of someone else’s bread. Be original, and write what you are good at, in your best style. Let your words bring them to your page. Be distinct, let readers fall in love with you, naturally.

Give your own talent a face and voice. Don’t be someone else’s.

4. Stop being too harsh

Writers tend to push themselves down the branch even before sprouting the wings to fly. Now just how bad is that! We are such harsh critics of our work that we forget, we are yet only learning. Result: We lose all hope, grow desolate, and drag ourselves into believing that we are no good. If you do not give yourself time, if you do not be patient, how will you learn, how will you grow. Remember, my dear friend, Rome was not built in a day.

Don’t kill the writer in you.

5. Stop judging

Judging a writer over their talent is no writer’s job. All you can do is judge yourself. Being dramatic over someone’s achievement will never serve as a launchpad for your own craft. Enjoy, encourage, empower other writers, but never belittle or humiliate someone just because you didn’t like their work. Assess, but remember to be polite.

Be a critic from a human lens.

What do you think? These make sense? Also, I would love to know from you tips that have worked for you. Let’s talk of all those things that we as writers need to learn and remember. Do share your thoughts. Let’s help the community.

Go ahead, tell me what you liked and what you didn’t. Let’s discuss. 🙂


Asha Seth