It’d be you…

Through nights and days,

The only thing I’d dreamt of

Was picture-prefect memories

And a place to hold it all

When evenfall came

I looked about me

Found only emptiness

on faces bizarre

It didn’t come to me

Not at first,

But the one thing

I wanted was

Slowly turning rare

Far and wide

The sight of heart took me

Travel through

Troughs and ridges

I oft did

Never understanding

What it all meant

Until that one face

That left a dent

Upon my heart and whole

Upon my words and hush

A fever born

from kind, gentle tidings

was here to calm

a roaring chaotic soul

a thousand times

you walked

into my tossing dreams

and a thousand more

in the lonely streets

never cared nor shared

more than a word or two

and when the night came

to claim my peace

I realized

You were

the storm in disguise

raised my world

to tatters and bits

I kept myself

hidden under the bed

Wishing it would all

be over soon

Hoping the storm

won’t be much cruel

Living in denial

never did I think

Of all treasons,

It’d be you.


Asha Seth