On Bookish Giveaways…

I love books but can’t say the same for giveaways. And that is because of the few instances in the past when I’ve entered in giveaways but never made it.

My lack of interest thereafter was profound, and not because I never won, but because I came to a calculated conclusion that one had to be outgoing when it came to giveaways. I realised you had to not just participate but involve in discussions, actively, even rigorously, be vocal about your opinions on books, characters, etc.

There’s nothing wrong in wanting to be all words and voices in public forums, but as a person, I tend to stay away from such bouncy discussions and vocal parades because I might either find myself less-equipped of knowledge on that subject due to which I feel restricted in adding anything of value. At times, I am too conscious that I might be judged for what I say, or what if my opinions are not in accordance with what others feel of that book, character, etc.

In short, feeling intimidated by my own thoughts, I chose the easy way out. But that doesn’t mean fellow-readers should be denied of the joy. Especially, the ones who love such opportunities to interact with like-minded individuals. That’s when I made my mind that even though I may be someone who is introverted by nature and choice, I can create chances for my friends and followers and help them make the most of it.

Here comes the news. Only last month I reached an important milestone of crossing 5000 followers on my bookstagram account. A big thank you to everyone who’s been with me on this journey of exploring the love for books. To celebrate it, I am hosting a giveaway on my Instagram handle @badbookthief with some bookish gifts to win. The rules are pretty simple and ones that you will enjoy. Here’s your chance to meeting many more book-lovers, many new books, and many bookish accounts to follow. Now, doesn’t that sound like some fun you would want to indulge in?

I hope you’ll participate and give me a chance to share the bookish love with you. Rush as the giveaway ends on 30th October!

Asha Seth