The Steal: Book Review by Asha Seth

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Author: Yuvaraja Dhayanithi| Genre: Crime Thriller | Pages: 176

The Plot:

Mohan and Sofia plot to rob one of the richest banks in Germany. Their luck ensures huge haul with no loose end. With all the money in the world and love in the air, they live life straight out of a fairy tale. But, alas! A sudden turn of events entangles them into a cobweb of politics, terror and love. With terror tag chasing them, they had to race harder and faster.

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The Review:

Enter Sofia, an Indian, studying medicine in Germany. Enter Mohan, an Indian again, a chance encounter that turns into casual flirting and later into a partnership – to rob a German bank. And all this in about less than a minute. If it wasn’t the cover, it was the start that doused the fire even before it was lit.

Put together events of their random meets leading to a fully-flourished scheme of robbing one of the oldest banks in Germany, with not even a pinch of the plan gone awry. Even the characters seem too desperate to belong and trust each other better than a troop of lions on prey. Unbelievable, if you ask me. But then it is fiction.

The robbery takes place as smooth as brewing a coffee. Hands down success! But when things turn sour between Mohan and Sofia and their nascent relationship is threatened is when they lose sanity as it was unexpected and not a part of their plan. What triggered this is something of a serious nature and not something I would tell you, but it is for you to read and find out.  Soon, the smooth lives of our protagonists is sailing rough tides and the author gropes on to a Bollywoodish anchor to moor the ship before it sinks. Voila! The perfect ending is on the horizon.

The plot is as predictable as night after day and vice versa. Character personalities are half-baked, so you don’t feel them at all. A bit of intellectual meat added to their dispositions and intentions would stir the reader for sure. Consequently, the prolix narration gets tedious for its mundane lack of engagement save for the fast-paced diction that is over pretty soon, much to the reader’s relief.

The one thing that stands out despite the rampant run-of-the-mill feel is the author’s desire to drape the crime crux under veils of charitable personal maxim, which stands to gain some merit. The book would do better to run through a pair of editor eyes to be rid of grammatical weed. And while at it, a relook at the book cover would be a welcome pleasure. A good entertainer as a one time read, but at times, that is all you need!

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