Rendezvous with Nature

It is almost winters in Mumbai and a brief respite from scorching summers is expected here. But as winter’s about to kick in, I am kicking out of the city.

A trip to the northern beauty called Uttarakhand was long due and I can’t be happier that I could embark on this journey this year.

So I am vacationing in Uttarakhand this lovely winter, traversing from Delhi to Haridwar, Rishikesh, Dehradoon, and finally, Auli. It is a fortnight long vacation; one I was looking forward to for a long time.

Right now, I am chilling in Haridwar that’s freezing at 5 degrees. But more freezing is expected at Mussoorie and Auli, where it is snowing already.

There are two goals that I hope to achieve with this trip. One – Meeting with Ruskin Bond. Two – Bungee Jumping. Hoping I am able to meet both.

You shall see less activity here on the blog, because I shall be in no network terrains, mostly. But I can never miss a chance to chat with you, so do drop your messages.

While all this is happening with me, do tell what are you planning to do in the holidays. Are you travelling too? Any last minute goals to achieve before the year bids goodbye?

Do write in comments below. You can check out my travel updates on badbookthief, my instagram handle, as I shall post pictures and videos to keep your excitement quotient up.

That’s all folks! A very happy vacation to you!


Asha Seth