5 Tricks to Make Writing Resolutions Last

It’s day 4 of the new year already.

While some of us are still enjoying the 31st night hangover, some of us are already over it and preparing a list of resolutions for the new year.

Whatever you call them – plans, goals, milestones, or dreams, they are all the same. Whether it is a financial goal or a fitness plan, a reading challenge or a fund-raising initiative, getting the wheels rolling right at the start of the year is essential while you are still feeling fresh, motivated, and inspired.

Now some of us might be excited but some of us really anxious. After all, not all of us are able to accomplish everything we set out to achieve! And that sort of leaves us feeling a bit uneasy about making new resolutions, isn’t it?

Until few years ago, I used to feel intimidated by that word. They seemed too big a task to achieve. And that was because I wasn’t able to nail down my resolutions as I would have liked to. But then, I made a resolution to not be daunted anymore. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy but I had resolved to persevere and that there was no turning back.

First, I made a list of the reasons why I felt that way, why did I not want to make resolutions. And then I started planning. A decade now I am no more that person unconvinced of not being able to do what she set out to. And today, I am going to talk about how I could overcome my reservations, how I could make resolutions and also fulfil them. I am sure this blog post will help you beat those jitters we all face and that, at the end of the year, you are able to say to yourself, “Wow! That was easy!”

If you have doubts about what resolutions are, this blog post will help you get clarity.

Now let’s look at how to make resolutions easier to achieve.

Don’t make it an obligation.

This is the first point in the list because this is the most important one; one I see everyone around doing. Don’t beat yourself bloody to make a resolution fruitful. Don’t veil them as punishments or obligations. Forcing yourself to do it will get you to do it for only that day. For instance, just because you succumbed to your craving for a fill of pizza, doesn’t at all mean you beat yourself black and blue at the planks.

Do them like you love them, not like you hate them.

It’s not a competition.

Many people I know have fitness plans so as to be better compared to someone they know, envy, etc. Remember, it isn’t a competition. Don’t pressurise yourself unnecessarily. You will end up feeling demotivated before the end of the first month. Your resolutions are supposed to make you feel better, not belittle you. See reason and link it your own happiness and whether it is a weight loss plan or a save money exercise, eventually, you will be able to see it through.

You have to become a better version of yourself, not someone else.

One day at a time.

When you plant a tree, you know it is going to be a while before it bears fruits. You take it a day at a time. Patiently, you water it, feed it the essentials, everything a day at a time. Your goals are alike. Break them down to months, days, hours, and understand how much you need to accomplish on a daily basis. Break down the big ones to smaller chewable morsels. That marathon you need to run won’t happen in a day. Rum everyday and gradually increase it. That reading challenge you’ve set yourself up to, break it down to how many books a month, and a week. You’ve got to see it a day at a time to make it to the final goal successfully.

Cut it down and then count them down to a day at a time.

Keep the well of motivation full

A lot of people lose focus with the passing of time. The goals at the start of the year don’t seem that enticing, interesting anymore. Why does that happen? Because we tend to get distracted when we go with the flow of life. Not that it is wrong to follow life where it takes you but for a moment think of how far you’ve come and the efforts you put. And if that doesn’t motivation enough, go back few more pages to where you wrote the end result. That will surely nudge you to pull your socks right up.

Remember what you set out to achieve. Nothing kills as lack of motivation does.

Last but not least,

Celebrate the little achievements

The smaller milestones are just as important as the ultimate resolutions and it is crucial you don’t count them small. They are your motivators. They hand-hold you to the next big milestone and slowly, one after the other, you’ve reached your destination. Take out the time to celebrate these moments, and give yourself those wonder-working breaks. After all, you deserve the rewards, for all the hard work so far, and to pump you up with the energy for the rest of the journey.

Celebrate the journey, but don’t lose focus of the destination.

If you plan it well and stick by your plan, no resolution is hard to achieve. Persevere through the tough times, and remind yourself of the ultimate reward, time and again. That along with the tips listed above, should help you nail down your resolutions for 2020 and beyond.

I hope this post helps you out in planning your resolutions better. You can take a print and put it up on your activity board to never stray away from your plans. That’s what I do too. 😛

What are your 2020 resolutions? Find the shared tips helpful? What else is important to make resolutions a success? Have you other thoughts or perspectives, do share them in comments below.

Happy blogging till we meet next.

Until then, carpe diem! 🙂


© Asha Seth

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