5 Easy Tricks to Beat Writer’s Block

Haven’t you always wondered

about how people manage to put together a heap of words every single day? There are authors who couldn’t have a peaceful night’s sleep if they hadn’t scribbled to their heart’s content and then there are some of us. Not that we do not wish to break the writing desks; or the writing pads, for that matter. But let’s just admit there are days when we would do anything but write. Agree much?

This post is for you!

Welcome to the club, where I welcome you open-armed, open-hearted. Because just like you I face those dry days too. And there is nothing to feel low or bad about. It is only natural to feel worn out or perhaps, face the writer’s block, and which is why I am writing this post to share with you 5 easy tricks I resort to when I lack the inspiration to write.

First and foremost,

Change the pen, change the medium.

If you normally type away on the word, get to the paper. If you use a black ink pen, get the red one. Change to a fountain pen where the urge to write artistically comes naturally. Remember, at this point of time, the aim is to get you to write, doesn’t matter what. Start scribbling or typing, whatever is the other way for you. And don’t doubt it, don’t call this trick silly. Because it works. It bloody well does.

Visit the Good Times

You’re stuck now, but it wasn’t like this forever. There were times you wrote your best and produced some of your best pieces. Whether that is a poem, a book review, or a short story, go back to it. Take your time and let the joy of good satisfactory work fill you up. It doesn’t matter if this takes a week, but do it. Nothing motivates better than your own achievements.

Stop Self-torture through Self-pity

Often, I’ve seen people to torture themselves to submission. Result: they come out more demotivated and subdued. Making yourself feel bad about not being able to write will only kill your creativity. Gradually, you’ll have built a well of self-pity so deep that you won’t be able to come out of it at all. Don’t do that. Give yourself the required time, the necessary inspiration and you’ll see the wonders you create again.

Read, For Your Own Sake, Read.

I cannot stress upon this enough. In all those god-forsaken times, there hasn’t been a savior as merciful as books. Personally, I am much grateful to those hardbound paper humans than anyone. Pick the book that you most love or have enjoyed or one that has inspired you in some way or another. Fiction or non-fiction, whatever works for you. I won’t suggest self-help because they don’t work for me; fiction and fairy-tales are my antidotes to mental blocks. But read, oh, do read.

Stop Obsessing. It isn’t a disease.

It isn’t a problem just a phase. Obsessing over it, giving yourself a hard time by incessant pondering over it never helps. Trust me. It makes a pea of an issue appear an avalanche and before you know you already feel crushed under its burden. Don’t think about it as a disease. It is just a phase and will be gone soon only if you treat it like one. Indulge in other activities. Go for a run, watch a show, attend a music concert, give yourself that break. Tell you what – drop me an email, I’ll be the friend who listens.

Writing is pure joy, it brings satisfaction, and if it doesn’t bring you that, what’s the point in toiling? We are writers, because we wanted to be that. No one asked us to be one. So let’s be one with pride and enjoy the happiness. Let’s have our creative writing juices satisfy our souls and that of our readers. This article will help your writing reach your reader’s heart.

I hope these tricks help you out as they’ve saved me, god alone knows, how many times. But if you feel these don’t work for you, or that there are other better ways to keep writing during the lack of inspiration, do share them in comments below.

Let’s all share the help and be awesome at writing, just the way we are.

Happy writing till we meet next.

Until then, carpe diem! 🙂


© Asha Seth

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