Janet Hulstrand on Good and Bad Writing

As writers, we are always concerned about one thing – is the writing good enough? Should I change this or modify that? Should I remove this or add that? These thoughts plague every writer’s mind and one is never at ease, no matter how good a piece of work is produced.

While it isn’t wrong to be wanting to be right all the time, we ought to remember that it is a mine full of debris that has diamonds clutched to its bosom. Until we dig the debris out, we can’t land upon the diamonds. So it is with writing.

All good works come from several rounds of revision, after having discarded most of the matter that felt crucial in the beginning. The bad writing or doubtful writing; as I like to call it, is essential for you to define good from bad. So take it all in a positive light and let the pages be filled with your thoughts.

Here’s a quote to motivate you.

bad writing

What are your thoughts on this observation about writing? Tell me all.

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Happy writing till we meet next.

Until then, carpe diem! 🙂


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