Dear Reader, It’s YOU!

Tonight, I do not want to think about books.

I do not want to talk of blogging. I do not want to draft a new post. I do not want to pride myself over everything I’ve gained. I do not want to reminisce about the pleasures, failures, anxieties, or liberation writing got me. I do not want to do what I mostly do here.

Right now, I want to stray away from my routine talks a bit. Can I? Right now, I want to think of you, and only you. May I?

Of all of these seven years of blogging, more than once I was driven by the thought to give it all up. Hell, for 4 years out of 7 I’ve been mighty inactive and away for several reasons; mostly health and personal losses. At times, I dragged myself to get some writing done. And today, I am thinking how could I keep up when the urge to quit was so powerful?

It feels like only yesterday I wrote this blog post where I captured my initial thoughts as a new blogger.  God, how naive and nervous was I! And today I do not only blog here but share it with the wide world too through my Instagram and Youtube channels. Seems I have shed some of those initial jitters, finally!

I love writing and there’s no denying that. Whoever I am today, I am because of my love for the art. Whatever I make today for a living, it is because of my passion for writing. Honestly, I don’t know what I would have done with my life otherwise. But there were times when even my love couldn’t fuel my passion. In all those times, it was you who zapped me out of my lackadaisical regrets.

You drove me back on and your words, packed with power and selfless motivation, were kick enough to get the wheels rolling for me.

Today, thinking of everything I have done, I know this – it wouldn’t have been possible if not for you. You, & only you, made all the difference. Your love, your constant inspiration, your unconditional companionship, reduced my mental blocks to pieces. And today, if there is any joy I have gained from this journey, it is all because of you.

At the outset of the new year, I want to take this time to convey heartfelt gratitude to you, dear reader, for being by my side, as a true friend, a well-wisher, a confidante.

Know this, without you, this would have been just another inactive blog, and not the home to my words, as it has come to be, for all these years now.


Asha Seth