Become a Brand: Book Review by Asha Seth

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Author: Sorav Jain| Genre: Non-fiction| Pages: 293

The Blurb:

Personal branding helps you build an online reputation and add value to your business. One might strive to establish a personal brand by posting content regularly on social media. But this alone would not yield expected results. #BecomeABrand lays down a strategic roadmap on ‘How to use various Social Media channels to position your Brand’.


The Review:

‘Become a Brand’ by Sorav Jain is a handbook for newbies in the digital world, striving to carve a space, a name for themselves. Brimming with real-life instances, people, and experiences, this book has everything one needs to rise up the digital branding ladder.

The language is simple and free of digital jargons that will make it a comfortable read for all ages, and even digital newbies. It also has case studies Jain has worked on with several brands and the results alongside. The book is divided into various chapters based on the different social media portals, and that makes it easy to note down the learnings portal wise. At the end of each chapter, the author has shared a goals list to assign to oneself, so that the observations from the chapter don’t go amiss.

That said, the information and tips are useful if you are new to the practice, but if you have been doing things over a period of time anyway, there isn’t anything spectacular, or more than what you already do or know, in here. The substance is very basic and as a blogger/influencer myself, it felt to me that Jain has held back a lot from the fraternity he is talking to. In that regard, the book didn’t add any value to my knowledge or experience. That said, I appreciate the author’s attempt at putting together important bits to help the masses, in general.

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