5 Kickass Ways to Delight your Mother, this Mother’s day during lockdown

Mother’s day is here. Desperate for choices, are we?

The unprecedented lockdown period has put many plans in vain. The best of ideas for grand celebrations have gone sinking down the drain because we do not even know when things would go back to normal. Result: we are making do with whatever is the next feasible option.

In such a scenario, while weddings and religious celebrations seek grand gatherings, Mother’s day has come with some solace. One might not be able to bring the best of their plans to fruition but that certainly won’t stop you from celebrating the day with your mom. You can very well have a nice and cozy celebration with the queen of your life within the confines of your home. In this post, I will talk about how you can celebrate Mother’s day during the lockdown.

If you are wondering what you are going to gift your mom, to make her day even special, fret not! I have just the right options for you. You need not step out of your homes, nor do you need grand preparations. These ideas, one can easily manage in the lockdown. These are easy, doable, economical, and most importantly, ones that will light up her face. Let’s see these kickass gift ideas for mom on Mother’s day.

Memory Video


Apps such a Filmora or Animoto, help you put together pictures to make a nice video. Simple animation and music will get a good output. She will not only love the trip down the memory lane, but also preserve it forever. You can sit and watch it with her, or if she is not with you right now, you can just email it to her.

Make a Card


There is nothing that can beat the charm of a handmade greeting card. The right art coupled with the right words, can just make her day. All you will really need is a set of colour pens, a heart full of love, and a good handwriting. Surprise her with something she’ll forever love.

Make a Dish


Kids know best what their moms love to savor. Maybe that’s pasta or some starter, some dessert or just cookies. Whatever she loves most, take out the time and delight her. Don’t worry if you do not know the recipes. Hundreds of Youtubers will come to your rescue. Just pick up the wok and get ready to rock the dinner table tonight.

DIY Arts


DIY arts and crafts are really the in-thing right now. With simple daily use items, you can easily and effortlessly design some gift that will last forever. Items such as ceramic flower vase, bottle lights, wall art, wind chimes, quote posters, flower pots, wooden or cement tea coasters, etc. are some ideas you can think about. Pinterest is a good place to start. She won’t stop but fall in love!

Music Collection


Who doesn’t love music! But it becomes extra special when it is a collection of the very best ones we love. This Mother’s day, put together a list of her favorite songs on a dvd or simply a pen drive, and surprise her with those retro numbers she grew up listening to and still loves. Google Music or Spotify are more than eager to help you. When time is difficult to pass by, she’ll cherish this gift and love you all the more.

Apart from these, there are lot many things you can do from within the walls of your room, and add sparkles to her day. Remember, more than the gift, it is your love she is crazy about. Tell her today, how much you love her. Spend time listening to things she has stopped expressing. If away, give her a call and tell her how much you miss her.

More than those gifts, it’s these things she misses most, craves most. This Mother’s day, make her happy, from within.

I hope my ideas help you make your mom happier, and grow your bond stronger.

A Very Happy Mother’s Day!!

Cheers to Moms. May they live long.

© Asha Seth

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