Writing Inspiration #43

Well, this isn’t the first time an author has tried to emphasise on the importance of reading for writing a book. Most writers read a good deal before even starting to pen down their ultimate novel. I wouldn’t know how to write if I hadn’t taken inspiration from the books written by authors successful today. And this much is true – every book has some fantastic secret, some awesome direction to share.

Author Aurora Welty believes the same and tells us to devote ourselves to reading if we want our writing to reach anywhere at all. Writing is a long process, it’s a tedious journey, and the battle is half won if you keep sprinkling your road with your reading adventures, soaking it with experiences from the genius minds who have treaded this road before you and have made it to covetous milestones.

Here’s the quote that is part of my #MondayMotivation drill for all writers.


What are your thoughts on this observation about writing? Tell me all about it.

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Happy writing till we meet next.

Until then, carpe diem! 🙂


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