Celebrating 8 Years of Blogging!

With close to 10k followers, I feel a pinch of joy to think that I might be doing something right here; despite my vanishing acts and brief spells of lethargy. Today, on the eve of the 8th anniversary, I look back at the past 8 years and I’m proud, so proud. Because I could beat the one thing I always wanted to – fear.

The past years have been more than thrilling. But these did come with their own baggage of anxieties. It wasn’t easy, and I still can’t believe I’m here today. If anything, these years have taught me so much more and had I abandoned it after the 2nd year (I almost did for 2 years), I know I would be a nausea of regrets unable to cure.

Most of those who I started this journey with, aren’t around anymore. A few drop me random emails chasing the person they think I am. But how do I tell them? I am not that person anymore. I’ve become more of a recluse than I was, more closed, more reserved. A bit of me what was, is still lurking somewhere. But I remember them still. I miss them still. I wish we got on talking more often than we do.

8 years is a long time, like an age passed by, like a river I am walking down that never ends. When I look back, I see I’ve trailed but a very short distance, very few grains of sand have escaped that hourglass. How can it be that worlds have changed, morphed into new ones, in such a short span of time? People grew such corners and edges I never knew existed. Some brimming with such love, I never thought them to be capable of. And yet here I am.

The past year was fast and slow. Feels like only yesterday, I wrote this post on the 7th anniversary. I must be feeling really differently then to run to depths like that and pull out thoughts that were long lost, left abandoned. But I managed pinning them down on paper so I never lose sight of them. This year however, with the present situation, I am not in a very introspective space. All I wish to say is the one thing I’ve always said –

Thank you for being there!

This is a special day. It not only marks my victory over difficult times, memories, trials, and hopes. But a day to cherish the few from over the globe who truly love and appreciate every little thing I do here.


Asha Seth