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Hey there, how are you? What have you been up to? What are you reading or writing? Tell me all. Let’s chat.

I am rather excited today because of the excellent development on my Youtube channel. This came just before my impending travel to North India that I am set to start tonight. So that just doubled the fun and joy.

My channel gained 500 subscribers last week. And this is such fantastic news for me that I can hardly believe anything this grand can happen so soon in time. In about 2 months, I went from 150 subscribers to 500+ subscribers. That’s right! And I learnt one thing from this – if you are passionate about what you do, your audience will follow.

Some of you might wonder what’s all the fuss about. 500 is hardly a target. But let me tell you – I am a person who believes in celebrating the little joys. And reaching 500 subscribers is nothing short of a gigantic success. Of course, one has to get to 1000 subscribers before they can say the word – monetization. But I didn’t start this channel because I wanted to make a 6-figure income from it. Gradually, if that happens, that’ll be another reason to celebrate. But my single-most aim; when I started this channel, was to bring the best of books to readers. There are too many good books out there and from my experience I’ve known, that half the time readers don’t even know what to pick!

My channel helps readers meet some of the books that deserve time and attention and love, because they’ve been so overshadowed and underrated. Not all the books are worth the hype nor are all the underrated books, bad.

Now coming to the excitement part. I am so overwhelmed by the shower of love and support of all you lovely people that I wanted to share it all with you too. That’s why I am hosting a giveaway on my channel. 3 books are up for grab. All you have to do is watch the video to participate and win.

Here’s the link to the video:

I talk about books, my favorite authors, books recommendations, and book hauls on my channel. So if that feels like your thing, do hit the ‘subscribe’ button to enjoy the content I publish regularly.

Once again, I express my heartfelt gratitude to each and everyone of you, who’ve been with me on this journey. Thank you for all the motivation and support. Please keep them coming.

That’s all for today, reader. I hope to hear from you about your tidings. Tell me all.

Happy reading till we meet next. Until then, carpe diem! 

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