Visiting 2020 Through – Books, Writing, Travel, & Memories.

The first couple of weeks of the New Year have slithered on and just how! The start of the year is always like being in a limbo where you are reaching out to new dreams, and old memories tag along. Somewhere then, you tuck away the past in some corner of the mind, like carefully folding a memory and putting it away concealed in a diary. Then you tell yourself you are ready now to welcome what lies ahead.

2020 was tough for everyone. Much too tough for some. And then some of us rather not revisit it at all. To all those of you who can’t see the light of the day; for no matter what reason, let me tell you this – you are not alone. And if you ever need to speak to someone, I’ll be a good listener. I promise!

While I am ready to stow the year in the rustic attic far beyond reach, there are a few things I want to visit one last time; like an old photo that you grab a quick look at before shutting the album. This little walk down the memory lane is going to be hurting, draining, but I hope you stay by my side until the end. Tell me you will.

The C virus turned worlds upside down, I mean literally. When had we ever imagined sitting confined in our homes for such a prolonged period of time. And who would have thought that the air that’s supposed to keep us going, would become so dangerous? So yes, things changed, and I’m afraid it will remain so for we don’t know how long. But then hope kept us going!

In the aftermath of the horrors the Virus unleashed on mankind, we lost quite a few valuable assets. The worst of them, was losing loved ones. I lost some too. Later the same year, Alfey left us. One can’t get used to living through the loss of a beloved, I’ve had 5 losses to survive. So you can imagine!

A massive disruption of routine followed. And reading took a hit. But I am happy that I still managed reading 42 books by the end of the year. Trust me when I say this – Books do help survive a difficult time. The next time you don’t know what to do with life or how to face the next day – pick up a book. The Youtube picked up and I have now settled in a routine where a video a week goes out. I’m happy!

Travel was a no-no; thanks to Covid. But thankfully when the nationwide lockdown lifted, I could escape. The trip to North India couldn’t have come at a better time. Uttarakhand is a place I’m in love with. And the more I’m away from the mountains, the more I’m lonely and astray. Away from home and close to the Himalayas, is a home, in hills where my heart seems to belong.

Now about my writing – I progressed with my novella, somewhat beautifully; and not so badly. I sent my first manuscript out to Penguin and I hope to hear back from them. I also started work on my novel while I participated in NaNoWriMo and made decent progress with it. I also realised that my novel could be a series; which means, more planning is underway.

Things don’t work out like you want them to. Sometimes, they don’t work out at all. Such is life! Should we despair? Should we fret? One needs to be mindful of the fact that – life, sometimes, has better plans than the ones we have. Just go with the flow, and everything will fall in place eventually. They will.