That One Patient: Book Review by Asha Seth

Author: Ellen di Visser | Genre: Non-fiction, Motivational | Pages: 304 | Publisher: HarperCollins

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For every doctor there is that one patient, whose story touches them in a way they didn’t expect, changing their entire outlook on life. This inspiring and deeply moving book is the story of those patients. Every weekend, in Holland’s most popular newspaper, de Volkskrant, renowned science-journalist Ellen de Visser asks a different medical professional to tell her about ‘that one patient’; the patient who changed everything for them.

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Seldom do books leave you so captivated. But that’s totally given when you are reading a book on real-life experiences. Written in a simple yet engaging style, this book manages to do what it’s supposed to do – tug at your heart.

These are real life medical cases, heartwarming yet heartbreaking; all at once, because you know how each one of these stories are going to end. But the silver lining despite all the heartache is the powerful message each story leaves you with.

Through the course of the book and neatly divided into chapters, he tries to make sense of the different issues, concepts, questions that have plagued mankind since ages. Questions such as what is evolution, what is life, what are the laws of life, karma, if God exists, what is the soul really and does it exist, what is time and how does it bind all, dharma and adharma, etc.

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Courage, determination, grit, thinking on heels, optimism, all of it is in abundance and therefore, even though the mood of the book is quite melancholic, it leaves you with awe-inspired. All these people (patients) in here are superpowers for they could do what humans seldom do. They managed leaving their doctors inspired with their will to survive or leave behind more than just memories. Either ways!

‘That One Patient’ is a collection of tiny tales, peeking into the lives of suffering patients, their families, and the lives of doctors who met these incredible people and could never forget them. The book is very powerful, one that leaves you with so much positivity and motivation to do something for the greater good, to go beyond your duties and do something that will change lives.

This is a little book of inspiration for all. Recommended.

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P.S: I received a review copy from the publisher but the review remains unbiased.

Happy reading till we meet next. Until then, carpe diem! 

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