An Epiphany

You tug at your ear lobe. Once, twice. You did that as our eyes met today. When I’m alone in the clouds, I imagine you doing that. You’d said, it’s when your heart’s racing past a hundred beats , when you can’t stop it from wanting something, is when you do that. I guess to feel wanted is perhaps, everything for some.

Even if that feeling comes cloaked like a whore bound to leave the next dawn.

When you look down at me as you hold that lobe a second too long, I’m already falling in your arms, those fingers at my waist whisper more than your lips ever could, we’re closer than distance can permit, your heart’s beyond you as is my mind, and for a second, that pretentious smile feels poorly acted, it’s let out a great secret, and I’m falling for it even though…

Oh, please, don’t remind me of my heart’s impending laments!

Because every time you see me, you tug at that small part inside of you and throw it out the window, leave it bleeding at my feet, because you deny everything it makes you feel, and I pick that spent up piece, wrap it with my skin, heal it with tears, and tuck it away in my heart, where it will lay buried.

What an epiphany to be gifted with!