Fallen: Book Review by Asha Seth

Author: Shamar M. McFarlane | Genre: Poetry | Pages: 180

Fallen is a book that illuminates the idea of a loss of divinity or what we would call innocents. Every word, every line and every page means something different. They have the power to guide those who haven’t yet found their way but also can provide comfort for those who can’t find words to what they feel.

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The hardest part
was watching the world
you gave everything to
continue without you.

What makes poetry so special is that it holds dear some part of the poet, and when soaking into the pieces you not only revel in the magic of the words but are forever enveloped in the spell cast by the emotion captured within. ‘Fallen’ is such a work. It is the author’s life left open like a book to read if one cares enough. Here are some pieces that I read and loved, and feel you must too.

Blue feels like emptiness.
like being isolated in a sky
that destroyed itself
a millennia ago.
All that just from
the color blue.

Some of my favorite pieces in this collection were: Fragments, Because of You, Fallen, Artistry, Regrets, The Little Things, Silhouette, etc. All these pieces meant a lot to me because I could see myself in them, parts of me kept hidden from ages ago. Isn’t that what we do when we aren’t very happy with ourselves or this life?

Villains don’t have dark hearts,
they entangled there souls
in vines and thorns because
the world can’t hurt them
if they hurt themselves first.

What I liked about these pieces is how well they capture the varied moods and how sublime is the imagination that leaves you craving for more of his works long after you’ve finished reading the book. Poetry must titillate one’s mind to think beyond the ordinary and these poems do that with the flair of a maestro at work.

I am a culmination
of all the people I have met
and loved in my life.
What makes you,

The writing whilst introspective, tickle your mind and leave one with a light breezy sensation. That works favorably for those not-so-much into poetry because these don’t get dense or taxing for leisurely reading. Some pieces rattle you to the core because you realize just how relevant they are, and not just some person’s creative work. While the book itself was a good first attempt at poetry, another run-through for spellcheck would have made me yet happier.

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A perfect read for a chilly evening when memories torment you and you’re looking for a comfort nook. That’s the time to get lost in this book.

Happy reading till we meet next. Until then, carpe diem! 

P.S: I received a review copy from the author but the review remains unbiased.

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