Heal with Foods: Book Review by Asha Seth

Author: Manjari Chandra | Genre: Food | Pages: 256 | Publisher: Rupa Publications

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Heal with Foods puts the focus on gut health for promoting overall well-being.
It takes the reader on the journey of exploration, reflecting on factors that
influence our diet and gut health. Deeply researched and full of nutritional
insights, the book highlights life-changing ingredients that can serve as a
magical remedy for preventing and reversing chronic diseases while enhancing
general well-being.

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Heal with Foods is a brilliant, laborious effort, at showing the society a much-dreaded mirror of their own faulty eating habits. We are all very well aware of the choices we make and yet make no attempt at improvising for myriad reasons which are sited here. Most importantly, she embarks on a healing journey through foods where at every corner she’ll turn back and ask, “If not you, who?”, “If not now, when?”

Right from oils to flours, veggies to junkies, fruits to nuts, spices to herbs, she has covered every ground possible to give the reader a proper understanding of what you are actually buying when you make a purchase. She delves right into the heart of the matter with a detailed study on fats, carbs, fibers, triglycerides, vitamins, proteins, sugars, HDLS, and LDLS, and very many other elements that constitute the food we eat. How much of each is allowed and well within permissible limits and those that are absolutely detrimental are explained at beautiful lengths. The language and vocabulary is simple and that’s the biggest merit of this book as it can be read and followed by readers of any age.

The fact-to-face aspect of the book is done rather compassionately and the reader won’t feel reprimanded or shamed about their eating habits or the choices they make, at the same time, hitting hard and nudging one to reconsider what lands in their plate, and gut eventually. She has done this with a meticulous study broken down into chapters, bring to fore how the constituents make or break the human cardiac, neural, or gastrointestinal systems. The cherry on the cake however, are the little recipes she has put together on some essential foods everyone must intake.

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Healing with Foods is a book that is a much need of the hour; what with the stressful lifestyles we lead. This is a book about how simple and easy healthy eating and living can be with determined steps. Her expertise in the subject and years of experience adds the credibility one much seeks when it comes to matters of heart and health.

As the author goes on to elaborate, this transformation won’t happen overnight, but it is never too late to begin. And as the Father of Medicine said, “Let thy food be thy medicine”, we should not hesitate but pick this book as a start in that direction with foods that heal.

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Happy reading till we meet next. Until then, carpe diem! 

P.S.: I received a review copy from the publisher but the review remains unbiased.

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