poem153: Frozen

on that sunny hot day

we kissed under the tamarind tree

clasping each others waists

tighter than those roots beneath

the tangerine smell of the tree

cushioned us

soon we were lost, souls & skin

a hundred and thirty days later

I passed the tree today

I waited there an eon

charmed by an epiphany

the leaves are greener, shinier

they’ve grown younger from our love

Or perhaps, they preserve our memories

better than us

them leaves, they laugh and dance

that rustic rush they cherish

sadly, that’s all

that’s left of us

the ground under my feet

is still in folds and creases

from our ecstatic rendezvous

carved in breaths and beats

and then the wind blows

bringing you alive

I’m reliving our kisses

looking into your eyes

suddenly, you’re right here

showing me just how

we are both frozen

different worlds but one sky