The Colour of Us

We run past fields

green and hopeful

your laughter echoes

as the shade catches on…

And when the sun sets

on the horizon

you turn amber

and smile in golden waves

better than the ocean…

We stand holding hands

at the edge of the world

where the red sky fades

into nothingness…

your fingers trace my lips

and paint them red

and with the tiding day

we soar high above…

And when it turns neon

we trace back

into our own den

the emptiness around

envelops us both

the only thing rife

is the light in your eyes…

Right there in the middle of nowhere

you undress my scars

kiss away my fears

as you ride deeper

into my conscience

and purge it of the darkness…

Under the canopy of the pale sky

we dance a thousand times

I was looking for a pearl prince

and in rode the knight

he was beautifully riven

as was I…