Lost (The Art of Staying Lost #2) – Sakshi Narula: Book Review by Asha Seth

Author: Sakshi Narula | Genre: Poetry | Pages: 125 | Publisher: KDP

From the author of the celebrated poetry collection, Loveish comes this two book poetry series, The Art Of Staying Lost. Lost, the second in the series features poetry on processing grief and healing. Loneliness is an alchemist, grief changes you in ways that you may have never imagined before. We may feel that we may never know happiness like before when our heart is irreparably broken but this beautiful collection of poetry urges you to keep the faith.

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Lost, book 2, in The Art of Staying Lost series, pretty much follows the delightful candour of its successor, Lover, and one can tell it isn’t too far behind off perfection. The emotions are just as raw, as rustic, as paysan, and yet as alluring, as engaging, and as heartwarming as the first book in the series. These are more letters than poems, sent to one who looks to heal with a hope that the words and sentiments contained within its pages shall be the salve to a seeker. Her diction oozes of fragile passion and yet brimming of courage that reminds one of how storms leave one stronger than before. Love tides similarly. Purposefully evocative and powerfully reflective, these are verses and poems that will find home in very heart for their sheer relativeness. Her words nudge you to accept that all is whole and broken within you, and wear them as badges of pride. The language is simple but sublime and you will be taking down notes of your favorite pieces, and that’s a promise.

Quite simply, both these books are pure treasures in poetry and if you are a lover of the art, you must try them. Well, either that, or if you’ve ever been in love, you’ll relate much.

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P.S: I received a review copy from the author but the review remains unbiased.

Happy reading till we meet next. Until then, carpe diem! 

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