10 Years & Growing…

No matter how much time may pass, the heart never grows old.

It wants what it wants. Like today, it misses KK more than ever. Because it is his birth anniversary today. It has been listening to his songs on loop all morning. And about 10 years ago, it was hell-bent on renting out a space on the web where my writing could grow and bloom.

Even after all these years, it keeps me going with the same fervor, the same excitement, the same madness.

Sometimes, I grow tired, but the heart doesn’t. There are times I drift away, but it drags me back on within no time. Often, I’m slacking away, but it pushes me back right to pick up where I left off. I guess it is safe to say that I am never retiring; not from writing, not from blogging. And then there’s the nostalgia that overwhelms me upon visiting pieces from the past. What a different world it was! What a different person I was!

It’s been a decade of putting things out here with a single motive of escaping the burden life is often is. So, yes, it was nothing more than a channel to escape from reality back then, but with time, I guess I turned greedy, demanding, pretty much a maniac. And gradually more feathers were added to the hat – a Youtube Channel, Poetry Blog on Instagram, and a Travel Blog too. And why wouldn’t one when there was so much love, appreciation, and motivation, pouring from everyone!

That kind of thing is never enough. And makes one selfish too.

It was a virtue I’d hardly known, and now I was reveling in it. Because it was a good thing, perhaps, the only good thing that had happened to me in a very long time. Finally, I was experiencing joy, adoration, satisfaction, and when one has craved them all their life, for once you want to have your fill, when at last, they’re at your door. And that’s what I did too. I asked for more and more, by writing more and more. Essentially, it was a healthy barter of sorts. A win-win scenario for both – you and me. Or so I believe.

But once the lion has tasted blood, there is no going back for him.

In my case, it was the love. I’ll keep writing with the hope that I’ll be blessed with more of it, from you. With that wish, I recently updated my blog url to something you’d remember more easily. I hope you will bookmark it and should you not be able to locate it, this will lead you right back to your favorite space on the web. I’ll go greedy again and ask you to subscribe; if you haven’t already. 😋


Easy, isn’t it? Well, it is inspired from my all-time favorite book ‘The Book Thief’ by the Australian author Markus Zusak,. But I chose this name also because – for the longest time, I’ve been a book thief myself, a not-so-proud one at that. There’s the back story if such a thing interests you. Enjoy!

A decade of mirthful milestones and a lot more to cherish.

I can never say this enough, and yet I attempt again. These past 10 years have been fabulously healing, rewarding, and inspiring, thanks to your constant love and support. For which, I am immensely grateful. I hope to see you around more often, by my side on this writing journey, for another decade and more!

Yours Bookishly.