poem163: wish you were here…

Woke up this morning
to the thoughts of you again
little did I know the clouds too
were falling apart in rains

How do I go about my day
when breathing seems impossible too
the coffee-maker’s so cold
come, brew a cuppa, will you?

I don’t know normal is like
walking around in a daze
the postman arrives
I sign your name instead

Ahh, it’s a letter again
someone’s asking how do I do
a year and a half already
what good could these papers do?

I leave it on the mantel
like the other few
nothing would do anymore
I need you, the whole of you

No one can make me
they can’t tell me to move on
what good is this life anyway
now that you’re gone?

Looking out the window
I can’t see anything clear
tears run down my cheeks
oh, how I wish you were here!