Book Review: ‘Newsmakers Achievers Awards and My Struggle With Parallel Journalism’ by Vaidehi Taman


In the realm of journalism, where truth often battles against biased narratives, Vaidehi Taman’s latest book, ‘NEWSMAKERS ACHIEVERS AWARDS AND MY STRUGGLE WITH PARALLEL JOURNALISM,’ takes readers on an enlightening journey through the author’s personal experiences and the challenges she faced as an independent journalist in India. This thought-provoking book offers a unique perspective on the parallel media landscape and the need for balanced reporting in a polarized society.


‘NEWSMAKERS ACHIEVERS AWARDS AND MY STRUGGLE WITH PARALLEL JOURNALISM’ dives deep into Vaidehi Taman’s transformative journey as a journalist committed to upholding the principles of truth, integrity, and unbiased reporting. The author candidly shares her experiences navigating the complex web of Indian media, which is often categorized into extreme right and extreme left ideologies.

Taman’s narrative exposes the pitfalls of media houses that are influenced by business or political mafias, where vested interests dictate the narrative and compromise journalistic ethics. In stark contrast, her newspaper, Afternoon Voice, remains independent and self-funded, providing a platform for aspiring reporters and citizen journalists to express their perspectives freely.

In this book, Taman reflects on the inception of the “Newsmakers Achievers Award” event, initially driven by commercial motives. However, as the event unfolds, it takes an unexpected turn, transcending its financial objectives. The awards become a celebration of those who have fought against all odds to contribute positively to society, recognizing their tireless efforts and inspiring others along the way.

Themes Explored:
  1. The Challenges of Independent Journalism: Taman highlights the difficulties she encountered as an independent journalist striving for unbiased reporting in an environment dominated by media conglomerates with predetermined agendas. She sheds light on the struggles faced by journalists who refuse to align themselves with either extreme ideology.
  2. Polarization in Media: With a balanced perspective, Taman examines the prevalence of extreme right and extreme left ideologies in Indian media. She discusses how these biases hinder the objective reporting of facts and perpetuate a divided society. The author advocates for a more nuanced and unbiased approach in journalism to bridge the ideological gaps.
  3. Importance of Recognizing Achievements: Through the ‘Newsmakers Achievers Award,’ Taman emphasizes the significance of acknowledging individuals who have made significant contributions to society. The awards serve as a platform to appreciate those who work diligently, often unrecognized, and inspire others to follow suit.
  4. Ethics and Integrity in Journalism: Taman delves into the ethical dilemmas faced by journalists in today’s media landscape. She underscores the need for balanced reporting, where praise is given when deserved and criticism is offered constructively. Taman’s commitment to journalistic integrity and unbiased reporting shines through her words, urging readers to reevaluate their own media consumption habits.

‘NEWSMAKERS ACHIEVERS AWARDS AND MY STRUGGLE WITH PARALLEL JOURNALISM’ published by Astitva Prakashan ( is an eye-opening book that exposes the challenges faced by independent journalists and the dire need for balanced reporting in today’s media landscape. Vaidehi Taman’s candid and personal accounts of her journey offer readers a glimpse into the intricacies of parallel journalism and the fight for journalistic integrity.

This book serves as a wake-up call, urging readers to critically analyze the news they consume and question the motives behind media narratives. Taman’s unwavering commitment to truth, her fearless approach to reporting, and her efforts to provide a platform for aspiring journalists make her a true trailblazer in the industry. ‘NEWSMAKERS ACHIEVERS AWARDS AND MY STRUGGLE WITH PARALLEL JOURNALISM’ is not only a compelling account of Taman’s personal experiences but also a call to action for readers to demand transparency, authenticity, and unbiased reporting in the media.

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