Review Policy

For Authors:

Congratulations on your book! You managed to do what most of us yet merely dreaming about. I love to meet and connect with authors. If you come across my blog
and you require services such as book reviews, book editing, beta reading, author interviews, digital promotions, video reviews, etc.,

You can write to me on

Please note: I do paid reviews so contact me only if you’re okay to pay for the services you wish to receive. I accept all genres except – Erotica, biographies, comics.

For Readers:

I wait to get in touch with you. I love your association, your views and ideas.
So do share your thoughts and feedback toward improving this bookish alcove; my life blood.

I like to review books as much as I love to read them.
So if there is any particular book, you would want me to review for you,
please feel free to write to me. I will try to get it reviewed if you can spare enough time, patience and share details such as:

  • Book Name (Along with tag lines)
  • Author’s Name
  • Publisher (if possible)

It’d be brilliant if you can share a physical or electronic version of the book, although that’s not a mandate. You can write to me on

For Freelance Projects:

With more than 10 years of professional experience in writing for advertising & marketing, I have an acute penchant to pick out works that are excellent, average or abysmal. Working as a Creative Director for one of world’s top advertising agencies, I have expertise in writing copy and content for brands, businesses, and individual profiles. I can help you create ads, marketing materials, write blogs or white papers, or manage your social media or edit/proof your book.

I’d love to associate with you on freelance projects to propel your business or uplift your online image. My LinkedIn profile can tell you more.

If you think, I can help contribute in your endeavours, feel free to write to me. The email address is

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