The Colour of Us

We run past fields green and hopeful your laughter echoes as the shade catches on… And when the sun sets on the horizon you turn amber and smile in golden waves better than the ocean… We stand holding hands at the edge of the world where the red sky fades into nothingness… your fingers trace…

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5 Gothic Horror Novels Every Book Lover Must Read

Since Halloween is almost over, I thought it is a bit late to do this post now. But then I said to myself – Does it really have to be halloween to read some of the best gothic horror novels? That’s when I decided that I wanted to do this post where I share some…

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It’s a shame…

It’s a shame

that i want more of you

always more

so much more

like a hungry wolf

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9 Engaging Poetry Books to Beat Depression

What’s better than a good book to make living worthwhile? The pandemic has been a tough period, and the lockdown unbearable. Many of us are experiencing a term that has become a global lingo – lockdown depression. While there isn’t only one way to handle this period of heightened anxiety, I realised reading poetry has…

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