Best Books I read in 2020

What was greatly unusual in the gone year was that I did not have a personal reading goal. Well, speaking of 2020, I suppose a lot of unusualness crept in all of our lives. For some years, I did participate in Goodreads Reading Challenge but I have stopped pushing myself for it. That said, a…

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When she’d kissed him, she had surprised herself. It had been such an impulse – the way she sometimes reached out to catch a stray leaf on the wind, or jumped a puddle on a rainy day – something done without thinking or resisting, something pointless and harmless. She had never done anything like that before and never would again, and looking back on it, she would forever be surprised at herself, and a little shocked. But at that moment she had known, with a certainty she would never feel about anything else in her life, that it was right, that she wanted this man in her life. Something inside her said, “he understands what it’s like to be different.”

Celeste NG