He’s in love…

When the sun sinks in the abyss he holds me and tells me he’s in love with my anxieties that curl around his gaze in the chill of the dark when I shiver he pulls me closer and tells me he’s in love with my fears that speak more than my lips do he grips…

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the devotion in his eyes burst like a thousand stars purged within seconds the ghosts eclipsing her heart ~ her smile, the exalted shaman the light of his tired soul exorcised his demons making him pure and whole ~~~

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What’s life!

I keep telling myselfit’s all rightto not have what I wantto not get what I craveto pine for what I deserveto lose what’s mineBut in realityI’m dyingof these meek attemptsof these fake comfortsof these suffocating breathsof living these sore liesI keep telling myselfthat I’m all rightbut a voice echoes from deep inside“you’re not, but you’ll…

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ऐ जिंदगी…

पल दो पल ठहरकर कभी हमें भी तो देख जिंदगी तेरी मीठी शरारतों में घुलना बाकी है अभी… पल दो पल पलटकर कभी हमें भी तो देख जिंदगी तेरी नमकीन मस्तियों को चखना बाकी है अभी… पल दो पल मुस्कुराकर कभी हमें भी तो देख जिंदगी तेरी हसीन मधोशियों में बिखरना बाकी है अभी…

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Scars, like Stars…

she hides them but they peek anyway she paints them but they peel away she looks at them hard when she’s alone she relives those stories that have long gone she distances herself from the world so piercing she worries she’ll be judged reduced to mockery she aches to be sans them she longs to…

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It’s a shame…

It’s a shame

that i want more of you

always more

so much more

like a hungry wolf

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Quarantine – Micropoetry

Quarantined in life connected in hearts this phase too shall pass just play your parts apart Follow @badbookthief on Instagram for more micropoetry. Happy writing till we meet next. Until then, carpe diem! 🙂 ~~~~~ © Asha Seth Stay in touch. Subscribe Now: Youtube| Twitter| Instagram| Facebook| Tumblr

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