What’s life!

I keep telling myselfit’s all rightto not have what I wantto not get what I craveto pine for what I deserveto lose what’s mineBut in realityI’m dyingof these meek attemptsof these fake comfortsof these suffocating breathsof living these sore liesI keep telling myselfthat I’m all rightbut a voice echoes from deep inside“you’re not, but you’ll…

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It’s a shame…

It’s a shame

that i want more of you

always more

so much more

like a hungry wolf

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Let’s start again?

maybe I’ll forget  all that you said maybe you’ll forget  all that I did maybe I was wrong  and you were right maybe you were the one who always ended our fights maybe I never wanted to let you go maybe you never wanted to have me back and maybe, amidst all these maybes we…

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